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Why do some SQL statements seem to appear at the incorrect place in my PurePaths?


One of our developers has noticed that some of our SQL statements seem to be showing up 'higher' in the Purepath than where they were actually executed in the code. Take this screenshot for a specific example, note that I have 'closed' the Database Summary twisty as it would result in a screenshot that is way too big:

In this example, the developer is saying that there are some database calls that are executed under run() that are actually showing up in the Database summary in doGet(). The developer notes that it seems to be grouping SQL statements that are similar together into blocks, which can sometimes be good, but it makes tracking down where in the code Purepath
the call is actually occurring harder. Is there a toggle to turn off the SQL
statement grouping in the Purepath?

Please let me know if you need any additional information!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In the system profile settings within the sensor configuration for that agent group for the JDBC sensor pack there should be an option to enable or disable SQL aggregation. When you see that "1 x" in front of the queries this indicates that aggregation is in effect. I would disable this and see if the results are what you expect.


Thank you! I disabled the aggregation and will check with the developer tomorrow to see if they are seeing what they want to see now.

Yep, that was it!