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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Why does my custom User Action Business Transaction NOT capture all User Actions?


We are in the process of exporting some data from Dynatrace to SPLUNK via the Real Time Business Transaction Feed. Once I got the configs setup and started looking at the data i noticed that some of the actions did not show up in SPLUNK. I assumed that there was an issue between Dynatrace and SPLUNK that was causing some of them to be dropped. However, after close evaluation and data comparison, it appears that the custom Business Transaction NEVER gets some actions. Why is this? I am unable to recognize a pattern for the missing actions and there seems to be at least one action missing from each "visit". Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Here is a better example (I deleted the first one). The highlighted rows on the left show most of the actions that match to the visits dashboard on the right. The highlighted rows on the right are the rows that do not show up in the BT dashlet on the left.


Hi Graham,

1. The dashlet you have on the left is the Business Transactions Hotspot Dashlet. I believe you should be looking at data for your specific business transaction by Expanding Your System profile > Business Transactions>YourCustomBT> Right click on your custom business transaction and open in new dashboard.

2. Can you post some screenshots of your BT configuration and the measure configuration you are using as filters, splits etc.