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Why is decompile source code enabled / disabled on different installation servers?


we have two different Dynatrace Servers. I can "Source Lookup > Decompile Source Code" on one of the servers as the option is enabled. I tried the same on the other installation - but the option is disabled.

To verify if this is limited to a specific methods I tried for various PurePath and methods, but the option seems to be always disabled. I use the same client installation with both Dynatrace Server Instances.

When I looked up documentation I could not find what needs to be done server-wise to enable the option. Please, can anybody help me getting the decompile feature enabled?

Thanks in Advance



Hi Michael,

have you already checked this page?



Hi Raffaele,

yes - I read this page, while I was searching for a solution, but it does not provide a clue, why the functionality is available on one server but not on the other - or did I miss something? As far as I understand the page - the feature should be available by default, because DT is storing the required information for analysis.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Could you verify that the account you're using has the same permissions on both of the servers? The specific permission that you will need is called: "Decompile Source Code".


Hi James,

thank you very much. I requested the additional permission to the admin team - it seems my account was created with different permissions on both systems, which was not obvious to me.

So thanks again, Michael