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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Why on Dynatrace side i receive more requests count than received from the application side?



Dynatrace receives purepath count more than those requests received from the application side.For example, per now i have 2160 purepath/requests and from the application side reportedly have received 1350 requests.

This is a stand alone application of which i had configured custom sensors for the entry methods and database methods.

Your kind response is appreciated



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Chris

Can you clarify for me what you mean with "from the application side"? Which measure are you referring to exactly?

PurePaths will automatically be captured - regardless of the application and on whether the entry point is a web request or a custom entry point. Every PurePath will then also be automatically "assigned" to a logical application. For Web Applications that is typically the HOSTNAME of the web request, e.g: For non web apps Dynatrace assigns the PurePath to the so called "Default Application" unless you have specified some custom App Detection Rules in your System Profile.

So - when you chart the number of Web Requests per Application you will ONLY see those that originate from a Web Requests. If you want to chart all of them you have to chart a PurePath-based Measure such as PurePath Response Time or PurePath Duration. You can then split that Measure by application which will give you a good split between Requests that come in on a web application and those that have been marked with "Default APplication" (which are most likely your custom entry poitns). If you want to see the Count instead of Response Time or Duration you simply change the Aggregation in your Chart for that measure to Count!

hope this helps