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Why purepath response time and response time in transaction flow is different ?



I've a question about response time between Purepath and Transaction Flow. I monitoring a mobile application based java technology, when I see the purepath response time just 2383 ms, its about 2,3 second. And when I see at the transaction flow, why the response time on app server is 5,12 s and on web sphere 1,73 s ??

Can anyone explain the detail about the difference response time in purepath and transaction flow?Regards,Nasrudin


Hi Muhammad,

if you hover over the node you will see that the 5.12s aren't response time but execution time. Execution time can be higher than response time when you have asynchronous execution:

best regards

Hi @Franz S.

When viewed from that, what should I inform to the developer? The developer is looking for an long process, am I informing from purepath hotspots?
and to find out the time of output to the user, can the purepath time response be a reference? Because I'm not used UEM

Sorry I'm still learning dynatrace




Hi @Muhammad N.

As far as i understand the purepath hotspot will give you the information about the underlying method which is taking more time in the that particular purepath.

for better analyzing which underlying method is taking more time you can use the Contributors tab which will work similarly as purepath hotspot

and for further analysis you can have a look at Execution time columns where

Elapsed time = when it entered into the method

Exec Total = total time from method entry to method exit

Exec = time consumed into the particular method call

Exec % = %time consumed in reference to the time of the purepath

maybe these column can help you in analyzing where the time is being consumed in the purepath and you will be able to tell the developer that at this particular method the time consumption is more and they need check on this.



Hi @Rishabh Y.

There are many asynchronous process in my purepath, and one of method that consumed more time is asynchronous process, this method is park(boolean, long) from API Worklight. Can I inform this method to the developer ??