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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Why the data of a BT output is being refelcted in Business Transaction Dashboard but not being reflected in the Business Transaction Hotspot Dashlet?


I have created a BT for which I am getting the output when I open the BT in a Business Transaction Dashboard,But when I open the same BT in a business transaction hotspot dashlet I am not getting any data there.I am not able to find the reason.Can anyone help me on this issue?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Swathi,

the data sources for these two dahslets are different:

- the BT Hotspots dashlet gets its data from the performance warehouse (the database)

- the BT dashlet gets its data from the session data (file system), i.e. the purepaths directly

For some reasons these two sources can deliver different results; most common are:

- The purepath data is only available until a certain time in the past that's directly proportional to the available disk space

- The database might be disconnected (check the incidents / the server settings to verify)

If none of these apply to your situation, feel free to open a support ticket to get to the bottom of the differences. Best regards,


Thanks for your reply Peter..I will check the same.


Hi @Swathi S P.

correctly said by @Peter K.

these are the points you need to check in order to conclude.

1. Check if "Store in Performance warehouse is checked" for the desired business transaction

2. Check that performance ware house isn't disconnected Settings >> Dynatrace Server >> Performance Warehouse

Just check these two and hopefull you will have your answer.

Thankyou @Rishabh Y. for your reply..I will check this..