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Why there is a mismatch of purepath count values between web dashboards and client dashboard?



I used the same BT in both dashboard(WEB and Client) but purepath count is not the same!! I.e per now i have about 600 requests count(in WEB) more than those shown in Client side as refered in the snapshots. Please advise what could be wrong because timeframe is the same.


Your kind response is appreciated



Hello Chris,

Note: The time frame of a web dashboard and its chart resolution is set using the time zone of the Dynatrace Server not the time zone of the device on which you are viewing Dynatrace Web. This is different from the charts appearing in the Dynatrace Client, which display data using the local time zone.



Hi Babar,

Thanks a lot for such a clarification and has worked.


hello Babar,
I am also facing the Same issue..Data is mismatching in the AppMon client and AppMon web.
For example if we see the applications dashboard in client and web the failure rate and the Response time everything looks so different.
for ex:In client
application1: response time =220ms ,failure rate =5%
for ex: In web,
application1:response time=2.01ms ,frond end failure rate=10% and back end failure rate:12%
and what is mean by frond end and backend failure rate....?
How to match with the client data?

Hello @Sangeetha M.

In the Web Dashboard Frontend represents the Client/Browser side and the Backend is our data center.

Just take an example of below screenshots taken for the same application and the timeframe is 30 minutes.

You can see the response time is almost same in the both overviews of the application. The 0.02% failure rate on the web dashboard is the combination of the client+server side which is not in the case of client dashboard but in the client dashboard failure rate is representing only to the server side (data center).

Both dashboards refreshes after 1 minutes automatically to show the updated information.

Make sure you are selecting the same timeframe of both dashboard for your analsysis.



Thanks Babar:)
In my set up I am not getting the same values or At least nearer values also...what could be the problem?
I have raised support ticket also and they asked me to update the dynatrace APPMON to the latest version ,I did also
But same issue nothing has resolved.

Hello @Sangeetha M.

Did you choose the same timeframe for the comparison?

How much difference is in between both?