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Why would my agent log files be empty?


Hello, I have one system profile in a 6.1 DEV environment that has empty log files. Every agent has the log files listed and they show a size, but when I click on the log file to download, that part of the screen is empty. I'm going through the same steps for any agent log file to look at the contents and it works every other time. thanks!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

It sounds like it might be a permission issue.

If you log into the host where the agent is located. compare the permissions on the files you can access to the logs you can't access. Are they different?

Also, of course verify that the logs you can't access really have data. But in general the concept of an empty log doesn't make sense as it's written to immediately upon creation when the agent starts up.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Nona,

did you check if you maybe set the log level to none for those Agents?

this could be done either

  • in the system profile -> agent mapping -> advanced... dialog
  • via command line or environment variable

this could maybe explain your empty log files.

permissions does not sound really probable to me, as the log files should not be created in the first place then.

however, I would also double-check the filesystem, what's the actual state there, just to be sure.

HTH, Christian