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Why would there be zero purepaths for 2 of 4 java agents if agent overview shows them all healthy and instrumented.


2 of 4 java agents have 0 purepaths. The agent overview shows healthy status and the details show instrumentation. We have recycled the agents process and recycled the collectors to these agents and still get health agents but zero purepaths. However, I did notice the following warning error in the agent log.

"Retrieving stats array for module: 'j2cModule,jmsConnections' returned null. This may be caused by a not yet initialized module. If subscriptions for this module do not provide data after initialization, please check module path."

Can you tell me if this potentially is the issue and what does the warning message actually mean?

Any insight you can give to this would be truly appreciated.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi David,

this message doesn't affect the agent much apart from _potential_ (very improbable) issues with jmx metrics.

Troubleshooting "missing purepath" starts by finding out which layer (agent, collector, server) is having troubles. I typically start by checking the "Methods" dashlet filtered by one of the problematic agents. If I find methods there, case solved, the purepaths get started by another agent.

If there's nothing there, I check the sensor configuration. Do the four agents map into the same agent group and do the applications have basically the same code? Then there's nothing to check here. If not, check that these 2 agents have sufficient sensors placed to actually start a purepath. You can use the class browser and the placed sensors table in the agents overview to verify this.

If that doesn't help, check that there's actually events arriving from those two agents, either by charting some random process health metric or by verifying that the "events" count in the agent overview keeps increasing.

If yes, here's the point where you open a support ticket. If not, check the collector logs or agent logs for issues. If that doesn't help either, support ticket.

For this sort of support ticket, both a session and a support archive including the agent logs is necessary. Hope that helps, best regards,



Thanks so much Peter such a thorough answer! I will begin the process of each point right now.

Thanks again! David