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Windows 7 dynatrace 6.3 client failing to launch on post splash screen


My Dyntrace client is failing to load post the splash screen. I am able to launch the client from another server that rdp in with has the client installed from the same laptop that the client won't start on. I have been using the client on the same laptop and have not installed any new software. I have checked to make the client run compatible with Windows 7 but the client just won't launch past the splash screen


Hi Mariam,

Do you have to kill the process via task manager or does it just die on its own? If you kill it, how long do you wait? I've seen cases where it's taken 15 minutes to startup. You could also try re-installing the client if you haven't done so already. If that doesn't help and no one else replies with a possible solution I suggest putting in a ticket to Dynatrace Support.

Hope this helps,