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about Agent cache


This is Ryotaro

I want to ask about Agent cache data.

My understand as follow.
when the Agents cannot access to DT collector, they will keep the transaction in cache memory during retry.

when the Agent cannot connect to DT collector even timeout, how do they works?
keep retrying and keep dropping cache?
stop sendding transaction to collector?

My customer is concerned about Agent performance when the Agent keep retrying

Could you tell me the performance impact at Agent Retry.

Best Regard



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Ryotaro,

please also look at similar forum questions, e.g. the answer here:

the whole data sending by the Agent is always completely asynchronous, which means that there is hardly any performance impact all the time and this is completely independent from the connection state (connected, disconnected, retrying, ...).

HTH, Christian


Hello Ryotaro,

To minimize this risk as much as possible, the following measures are taken:

  • The Agent is a very thin software layer. As much work as possible is done by the Collector and Server.
  • The Agent usually fails gracefully. For example, if the connection to the Collector / Server fails, the Agent simply skips application events or at worst fails to instrument the SUD. In either case, this will not cause failure of the SUD.
  • Significant testing is done by the AppMon QA Team to ensure the reliability of this component.

You can share the following link with the customer for more understanding.