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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

about DT6.5_errorlog


this is Ryotaro.

I want to ask about these error logs.
We installed dynaTrace 6.5 newly in the environment.
Now, I'm testing after installation.

Please check the attached file.
then, Please tell me the cause and measures of these logs.

Q1. about PWH connection in Server log
Q2. about Agent Connection in Collector log

■additional question for Q1.
I can see about the no more disk space for the DB2.
How about "SQLCODE=-204,"?
"XXX.CONNECTION_VALIDATION" is an undefined name
these error messages also resolve by expand the disk space for the DB2 or not?

Best Regards



sorry, I couldn't attache the file.

Please check these pictures.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The connection validation message might be related to the disk space or some permission issue. It's a table that we create to check all the permissions, and if we couldn't create it either there was no space, or no permission.

The second question: "socket closed" is only a dynatrace issue if one of the parties (agent or collector) throws another exception as well, otherwise it's some firewall or reverse proxy issue.


Thankyou for your quick reply!

Could I ask two more questions for Q2.

About Q2 (Agent Connection in Collector log), I found "WARNING log" as well.

■ What is the output condition of this SEVERE log?
(When there is no reaction while a certain period after the Collector / Agent connection has been lost then WARNING log is output)?

■ After that, I could see "recovered log" as well, so is it no problem for working of the Dyna Trace?
(don't have to any actions?)

Best Regards

The critical thing to look for is if the agent says something like "no connection to instrumentation channel, continuing without instrumentation" or similar messages, because this means that the agent won't work at all. If it recovers fine and no follow-up messages are logged it should be fine.

I can't say anything about when it's severe and when a warning. Depending on the state that the connection had before, the agent may try several times to reconnect, in other states it won't ever try to reconnect, so it depends on the exact situation. Most important is that it can connect during the start-up phase.