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about Dynatrace AppMon license


I want to ask about Dynatrace AppMon license

I think the Dynatrace AppMon license manages only the usage period of Dynatrace and the number of agents connected at the same time. so, If we want to monitoring another system in licence term, we can just monitoring by remove or stop old agent then additional agent install.

My understand is correct or not? need any process for the monitoring for another system?

Within the license period, if the number of agents in the license is enough, you can freely change the target, right?

Best Regards



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Ryotaro,

Your understanding is correct. The license does not care where you install the agents, it only cares about how many of them you install. So, say you have a license for 100 Java agents. You've installed all 100 of them but want to install 5 more agents else where (while you potentially wait for another purchase of licenses). You can remove 5 agents from the existing monitoring systems and then you can use the freed up licenses wherever you'd like.

Hope this answers your question.



Hello Ari,

Can you explain me, how Appmon renewal works.

Let say i am new customer, i have purchased prod 500 java & 100 .net licenses for period of april 2017 to march 2018. Now i am getting quotation for renewal. In that they have mentioned licenses in this way. Can you explain me how this actually works. Why there is difference in quantity with total licenses i have boughtnet-license.jpgjava-license.jpg

Hello Chiranjit,

That sounds more like a question to your Account Rep. I would reach to him/her and ask for some clarification.