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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

about Session stored files


I want to ask about Session stored files

in Session stored directory, we have System Profiles directory,

Like this

#ls session/stored/[SystemProfiles]




I want to know about what kind of log can be written?


・visits (is it UEM only?)


I want to ask one more question, the session log will be divided on what timing?


time? Agent type?

please tell me the session log will be divided on what timing?

Best regards

Ryotaro Natsume



Hi Natsume,

What are you trying to achieve? If it is analysis of transaction data per a log-parsing tool like Elasticsearch or Splunk, consider using the Business Transaction Feed feature of the product to stream transactional information out to another server. Here is my partial answer to your questions:
session = general purpose stored session, non-compressed and ready to access
visits = I'm not sure, but I would guess an aggregate for the Purelytics engine?
memdump = memory dumps of any sort, including trending and leak analysis
sampling = CPU sampling
threaddump = thread dump

As for the partitioning/dividing of session files, explicitly "stored" session files will be as big as is required to be in one file. your continuous transaction storage also writes .session files but in 5 GB partitions on a rolling basis, dropping the oldest partitions after the storage fills up to quota.

Hope that helps,

Rick B


Hi, Rick

thank you for your answer.

I have to explain about session log for our customer.

In our environment, we have a lots of small session directory.

they are not 5GB each, so I wanted to know the session log will be divided on what timing?

each session time from each Agent (from:Agent process start to:Agent process stop)?

Best regards

Ryotaro Natsume