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about "application" and "Business Transaction"


Hi,This is Ryotaro

I want ask about "application" and "Business Transaction"


When I use Dynatrace, some Application was defined automatically.

What does Dynatrace recognize and automatically register the ”Application”?


I also want to know this about "Business Transaction" as well.

I didn't any setting, however I could see some Business Transaction data.

What does Dynatrace recognize and automatically register the "Business Transaction"?


I could see some transactions on "Business Transaction dashboard", However, I cannot see the chart of the some of webpage requests. Even if the data is recorded on "Business Transaction dashboard".

Why I cannot see measurements on graphs with some web requests?

Best Regards




Hi, I have to tell our customer until this weekend.

Could anyone tell me, please?

Best Regards

Ryotaro Natsume

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Ryotaro,

A1: If you edit your system profile and select "Applications", you will see that by default we use HTTP host headers to define them. Personally, I avoid doing this for the long term in favor of URL patterns because scripts can spoof the host headers, and because it will assign different names to fully qualified and non fully qualified hosts, and it will not handle IP addresses (they will be assigned to "Default Application").

A2: We supply many out of the box BTs. They are in the cockpit under "Business Transactions/Built-In", or you can view them in the system profile. One of these, "Web Page Requests" is (usually, it is configurable) used for the "Application Overview" under the "Monitoring" view. It basically performs a sample to determine the most popular URLs and splits them by path (the less popular ones are grouped under "<...>").

A3: My guess is that storing in the PWH is turned off for the BTs you cannot chart. I would edit the BT in the system profile to check that. It is probably turned off to avoid an excessive number of splits in the PWH.