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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

about "session/stored" data


Hi, This is Ryotaro

I want to ask about "session/stored" data.

I heared that the "session / stored" data will be delete by 5 GB block, when the disk space fulled.

My customer wants to lock all session data and keep all the data.

question 1.
When is Dynatrace judging that the "session / stored" area is full?
- When the remaining free space becomes less than 5 GB? (Remaining 4.9 GB)?
- When the remaining free space is exhausted? (remaining 0 GB)?

Question 2.
If all the session data is locked, what behavior will happen if the "session / stored" area becomes full? (If DynatraceServer can not delete the file)
- Error log continues to go on and the state where information can not be acquired continues?

Best Regards

Ryotaro Natsume



Hi, I have to tell our customer until this weekend.

Could anyone tell me, please?

Best Regards

Ryotaro Natsume


Hello Ryotaro,

Sessions consist of three types live, stored and offline. The live and stored sessions typically live in the same directory while the offline/exported sessions do not. This means that if you lock all your stored sessions, you are limiting the amount of space that the Dynatrace server has to process live sessions (incoming PurePaths, resource dumps, and sampling).

"A live session is the most recent 5GB of diagnostic data for a System Profile and is stored on an AppMon Server. Each System Profile has one (and only one) live session. All PurePath sessions refer to live session data."

This leads me to believe that the Dynatrace server will start to alert when it no longer has 5GB of available space to process live sessions for a system profile. Typically, what it would do to clear up some session space is to delete the dumps, samples and stored sessions that are not locked. The next thing it does it to decrease the timeframe that the PurePaths for each system profile are available for by aggregating the data sooner. Eventually what you will find is that your PurePath data is being aggregated and no longer available in the PurePaths tab in very short timeframes after being captured.

I am not sure what it does when it is completely full as the live session data is constantly fluctuating but I assume that if your session store directory is full of stored sessions, then PurePath processing will stop.


David Nicholls