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about the permission of the "download" directory.



I want to ask about the permission of the files relate to "webserveragent".

I want to delete write permissions from other-user because of Customer requirement.

I already saw the documentation about [Apache Web Server Agent Configuration]

■What is the role of the "download" directory?
■If any other problem will be occured,please tell me about the infomation.

I think just update the fixpack, then It's not used after updating though.
If so, I will delete write permissions from other-user from "/agent/download" directory.

Best Regards



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Ryotaro,

the "download" directory is used for the "Agent bootstrapping" to download new Agent versions, in case you update or upgrade Dynatrace AppMon.

as it's not possible to foresee which user will be running the processes with injected Agents (e.g. Apache) this is read/writeable for everyone as default. for security reasons you can configure it more fine granular for the user/group which is running Apache (in your case).

however, you should not remove all write permissions as this will then break Agent bootstrapping.

HTH, Christian