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accessor not returning expected output



Am trying to get data from an argument which is an object. So am trying to read the object through accessor. I have placed the sensor and captured the required argument, only that in order to read it I have to place a chain of sensors like below :

But I get output as null. Below snaps will give reference as to why the above accessors are used :

I want to read the Byte array which is being passed in that object. Please help




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Gopikrishnan,

your method "get_Data()" returns an array of 'Byte's, not a single Byte for which you'd have the ToString() method. Unfortunately our accessors don't support arrays yet.

Is there maybe a method further up in the call stack that works with this string already converted to a single object?

Best regards,


Thanks Peter.

Need to check that.

What if the argument contains a pointer, then can I be able to access the value through accessor?



You mean one of those old-school unsafe pointers? Not sure, I haven't tried that, you could experiment with a small C# program yourself, maybe...

In the end, we try to take the code that's given in the accessor and execute it on the object. If that executes well and gives a single result, we report that.


The same way I tried to capture the return value of the same method but it always return null. Please see the screenshots below :

BancaeSubSubmitResponse is an object which contains the error if any for the transaction. So I try to access the error with accessor.

this should give me the error message in string. I have applied the same accessor chain as below :

It always returns a null. Please suggest.