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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

active visit & completed visit



I am confused with the active visit & completed visit .For example,in the dashlet World Map , i see the for the last 1 hour completed visit is 14 and active visit is 70, 1 minute later,the active visit became 60, the completed visit didn't added 10 but stay at 14 . In my opinion if active visit reduce 1,that should means at least 1 visit become completed ,can somebody help to make me clear for this?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hopefully I can help clear this up for you.

Active visits can be newly started visits or any visit that has not reached the timeout threshold for being inactive for each user. Visits will be considered completed after the user has been inactive for a configurable amount of time. Out of the box this value is set to 30 minutes. This is configurable by going to "Edit <System Profile name> > User Experience vertical tab > General > Visits tree > Set Visit ends after a user has been inactive for ... minutes."

It is possible that in the last hour that you are looking at that as you refreshed your dashlet there were older completed visits that just rolled out of that 1 hour window you are looking at. This means that even though you added 1 visit as comleted, another visit would have started more than an hour ago after refreshing the dashboard.

If you are only interested in completed visits, I would then recommend setting the time frame on the dashboard to not include the most recent half hour.

Hopefully this helps.