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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

add an external service to an agent group


The PurePaths of our service-based applications, which are accessed via SOAP/REST or XML/JSON calls, show up in their respective agent groups. But some calls to these services also show up in the External Services pseudo agent group, which makes me wonder if some instrumentation is not occurring. My understanding of software architecture is rather limited, but is there a way to configure Dynatrace so all the service calls for instrumented applications end up in their respective agent groups and not External Services?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


To better understand your question, could you post a picture of the transaction flow for the groups and external services you are seeing?

From my current understanding, you might be seeing the calls from your instrumented tiers out to external services. In that case, you could utilize the following articles to better visualize the external services: and



Thank you for the reply. The links you posted do the opposite of what I am trying to do (I have not set up anything that the links describe). Nodes that show up in the External Services do consist of API calls, but those calls are to apps that are being instrumented. Two examples are below. The first 2 screenshots show 1- FDNS making a call to, and 2- Web Request/Entry Point making a call to SOLR_FFAS. The agents in SOLR_FFAS are accessed via, so I would expect a direct connection from FDNS to SOLR_FFAS. The last screenshot is showing ACME make a call to The application is making an API call to itself, so I would expect no transaction flow to External Services. I do have these URLs configured the Application section of the System Profile (correctly I hope) shown in last screenshot.


Hi everybody!

I had 2 similar situations with .Net application and WCF calls. Some of the were linked to the server-side PP, some of them not. Support team still working on it