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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

android isntrumentation


hay guys,

anybody can help me about android manual instrumentation?
for information, the customer use the environment :

1. dynatrace 7.0
2. android with gradle 3.3.2

I have done instrumentation manually, by entering dependencies as follows :

classpath ''
classpath ''

apply plugin: ''

dynatrace {


applicationId ''

startupPath 'https://******'

agentProperties 'DTXAllowCookies':'true'

agentProperties 'DTXSetCookiesForDomain':'https://******'

agentProperties 'DTXLogLevel': 'debug'

agentProperties 'DTXSendEmptyAutoAction': 'true'

agentProperties 'DTXAllowAnyCert': 'true'

agentProperties 'DTXHybridApplication': 'true'//environmentId 'bf97052cfu'

//cluster ''}


implementation ''

and we get information error :

Caused by: org.gradle.process.internal.ExecException: Process 'command
finished with non-zero exit value 5

thanks for your help guys.


Shandi Aji P



Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Hi Shandi,
do you have the Instant Run feature enabled? If so, please disable it and try again (Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Instant Run).
If the build still fails please provide us the log files you find in:

<pathToPorject>\<project>\<module>\build\tmp\autoInstrument<variant>\logs and the name is AIA_<date>.log

best regards,


hy @Paul S.,

how about the version that we have, its no problem about the version?


shandi aji p

You are using the latest Dynatrace Plugin ( and the Android Gradle Plugin (3.3) this combination is fine and should work.
You mentioned that you want to do "manual instrumentation". This means you only have add the Agent library dependency (implementation '') and then you manually have to call the Dynatrace.startup call and all the monitoring calls you like.
In this scenario nothing is done automatically and you would neither need the classpath dependency (classpath '') nor the dynatrace configuration block in your gradle file.

These two are only required if you want to do auto-instrumentation or mixed instrumentation.
Mixed instrumentation means that you let the plugin automatically insert some monitoring calls. For example monitoring calls for webrequests and the agent startup call. But you can also add some monitoring calls manually.
To use mixed instrumentation you need the classpath dependency (that you already have) and the dynatrace configuration block as well as the "apply" statement for applying the plugin (you also have that both). However, in the dependencies block of you gradle file you need

implementation dynatrace.agent()
// instead of:
implementation ''

So please remove the latter dependency if you want to use mixed instrumentation.

For auto-instrumentation you only need classpath dependency, apply statement and dynatrace configuration block. No further dependencies in the dependencies-block

hy @Paul S.

oke im understand with your suggestion,

yes im using the latest Dynatrace Plugin ( and the Android Gradle Plugin (3.3),

but appmon version is 7.0, there is no problem with the appmon version with the dynatrace plugin and AGP 3.3 ?


shandi aji p


i think you cannot use an application that has the 7.2 agent with your Appmon 7.0 environment. There is no more support for 7.0.
Please try to upgrade

hy paul,

long time no see,

i've done upgrade the dynatrace server to 7.2 version but i still failed the instrumentation.

can you help me?

this is log of instrumentation.


shandi aji p

for handling instrumentation failures like this I suggest to create a Support ticket as this is a better way of handling it and you do not have to share your files publicly


hy @Rajesh S.

can you help me about this problem?
the problem is we have appmon version 7.0, but im using the latest Dynatrace Plugin ( and the Android Gradle Plugin (3.3).

i need your suggestion, its okey or something wrong?


shandi aji p

You can use the version of the Dynatrace Gradle plugin with AppMon 7.0. But there are some limitations. One of these limitations is that stand-alone web requests are not supported by AppMon 7.0. This feature can't be deactivated because the property

DTXInstrumentWebRequestActionWrapping was removed in the 7.2 version. You can find more details in the documentation.