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android manual instrumentation


hay guys,

i have some problem with android manual instrumentation,

I have done what is in the guide, but there is still an error (attached).

everybody can help me?

thank you

shandi aji



did you read this?

According to documentation for hybrid app only autoinstrumentation is working. So it's not possible to use manual one. You also need cordova plugin for instrumenting user actions (mentioned in article).


thanks for your help, sorry for late response.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

The build failed because the OneAgent library was not correctly added to your dependencies. We also recommend to use the latest 7.2 (or 7.1) agent instead of a 7.0 agent version, because the 7.0 agent has already reach its end-of-life state.

As @sebastian k. already noted, we strong recommend the usage of the Cordova plugin. In your sample instrumentation the agent is stared after the web view is opened. In this case the agent is not able to fully monitor the hybrid app. Therefore the agent should be started before the web view is initialized and opened. The Cordova plugin will automatically insert the agent at the correct location.

thanks for your help, sorry for late response.