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appmon and classic agent change - affects agents connectivity (not sure whether agent group changed)


Hello All,

I am bit confused because all my acceptance agents could not connect to appmon dynatrace after restart.

I am not sure what settings got changed. It was connected fine before some downtime.

As far as I know, port 9998 is opened.

Not sure whether any agent group settings has been changed and that is the reason agents not connected.

is agent group or ports involved.

Is it possible agent group gets changed of its own.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M


Appmon agent by default is using port 8043. Collector in this mode is connecting to server on port 8041. Both should be opened. If you are using Classic agent agent is using by default 9998 and collector to server is using 6699 port. If all needed ports are open, agent should connect without any issues. I suggest checking agent logs first. If there is no message about any issue, check collector logs in such case.



@Karthikayini M. based on the port you have mentioned I am guessing your agents are classic agents. From the agent mapping please see if they are marked as Classic agent or AppMon agent.

We ran into a similar issue and later realized that for some reason the agent switched platforms and was listed as AppMon agent. As the ports that AppMon agents uses were blocked by the firewall, the agents were not able to communicate with the server.