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automate the .net agent configuration



I am working on automating the .net dynatrace agent.

I am able to update the registry keys required for configuring the agent through power shell script. But unable to see the running .net processes matching my agent configuration which is happening when I configure the agents through dynatrace .NET agent configuration UI.

can someone please let me know the steps required for end to end automation of .net agent configuration


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Have you looked at the powershell scripts we have on github?

configure-dotnetagent.txtyes Andreas, I have posted the question after trying it. Is there any thing else we need to do other than updating the windows registry and environment variables to get the agent configured? or I should be wrong somewhere if it worked for you.

attaching the code I am using. please suggest me if I am going wrong

The key env-variables are DT_AGENTACTIVE=true, DT_SERVER=servername, DT_AGENTNAME=agentname, COR_PROFILER and COR_ENABLE_PROFILING

So -in your case I think you might be missing DT_AGENTACTIVE.

Another thing to try is to recycle IIS after setting these variables. Why? because IIS launches w3wp.exe and therefore inherits these env-variables to the child processes


I've came to a similar problem when customer who was performing the installation had the "path" set to System32 instead of SysWOW64, this caused the agents to be configured but not to match any process. It is worth to check that.


I am having this exact same issue and do not see a relevant answer here. I am creating the exact same registry entries as the manual process does. I have exported and compared the keys. I noticed there is additional information at the end of the "Command Line" column, in the bottom window, when performing a manual config. If I create this via PS script, nothing shows up in the bottom panel. Is there an answer for this, or is automation configuration of a monitor on Windows really an impossibility?