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AppMon Performance Warehouse

Client plan to upgrade the MSSQL 2012 SP1 to SP4 so the extended support is 12 July 2022. Seek advice can we direct upgrade from SP1 to SP4? Any impact on the monitoring? Thanks in advance!

Resolved! Visual Basic 6 Instrumentation Wrapper - How to use it.

Hello, I am maintaining an open-source project called Argentum Online Libre, is a mmorpg written in VB6 am looking for some kind of apm to use with the server. I discover this:

Resolved! Defined logical applications

Hi All,we have many purepaths that are associated with Default application.I would like these requests to be associated with an application defined by me. purepath.pngWould that be possible?I tried to define the application, but it doesn't work, I th...

Resolved! Agent reconnection policy

Hi all,what's the reconnection policy in agents if their collector is down/unavailable for some reason? And what if both, collector and server are unavailable?Thanks!

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Resolved! export only data of filtered system profile

We are actually in initial roll out of app mon on our production landscape. As we run an portal with several applications on several hosts we created one system profile this allows us to get a overview of entire portal. We have several SW partners fo...

Resolved! PWH - supports PotgreSQL version 11.8?

Hi Team,Please let us know that the PostgreSQL can be upgraded to 11.8, As we have already running postgreSQL SQL 9.5 version for our dynatrace PWH, but as the PostgreSQL version 9.5 is going to End of Life, We are in need of upgrade, so please let u...

Resolved! Agent error

Hello,Does anybody see this agent message?Instrumentation disabled because class data sharing (CDS) is enabled for the JVM. Please add -Xshare:off to your application command line to disable CDS and allow instrumentation. CDS may be enabled due to a ...

Resolved! Compatability with Oracle Exadata

Our DBAs are looking into upgrading our Oracle databases to version 12c on the Exadata platform. Are there any known issues with any dynaTrace versions in regards to interfacing with Oracle 12c, ie. Performance Warehouse or any database plugins ?

Resolved! Integration on dynaTrace with radView's WebLOAD

Hi Team, I am in process of integrating dynaTrace with webload, I was informed to include the dynaTrace request header to the webload scripts, I tried with the below scripts, but it did not work, Could you please help me if I am wrong here.BeginTrans...