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built in business transaction works but the sameone customized doesn't



I'm trying to create custom BTs for tagged web request for LoadRunner generated test analysis.

I have created BTs based on "Web request Tagged Header Value". I couldn't get my measure to filter and present any data. But the built-in BT "Synthetic Web Requests by Timer Name" works.

To make sure that I'm not making any syntax errors, I have copied the built-in BT "Synthetic Web Requests by Timer Name" and modified for my purpose it still didn't work. Then I copied the same BT and execute to the copy without any modification it still didn't work.

Am I missing something here? Why built-in BT works as is but once copied it doesn't!!!

Please help.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If directly copy->pasting a built in BT where the original works but not the copy then I would check with support. I remember seeing a recent post with a similar experience but never saw that as being resolved.


Are you copying the BT to another profile? If so you will need to copy the measure as well. You can do this by Right click profile --> edit system profile ---> measures. Locate your measure and copy to the new profile (edit system profile --> Measures). The BT will then work with the new profile.

Built in BTs shouldn't use any non built in measures. Additionally, copying a business transaction to a new profile should automatically create any measures used in it as well (though they won't create any sensor rules those measures may rely on).


I didn't copy to different profile. Copied within the same profile and it doesn't work. This behavior is very strange as all required measure should be copied. I have opened a support ticket. thanks for your help.