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can I capture arguments of a method with any arguments?


If I define a sensor for a method with specified arguments, I can check the checkbox in capture column to capture the arguments passed to the method. But if I don't know what arguments will be passed to the method, so in argument rules tab I select "Methods with any Arguments", then how do I capture the values of the arguments? I'm using AppMon 6.5.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Tao,

The option "Methods with any arguments" will make your rule more general. For example, if my method name is "doThis" and I have three definitions of this method:

  • doThis()
  • doThis(arg1)
  • doThis(arg1, arg2, arg3)

If "Methods with any arguments" is enabled, it means my rule will match all three of the doThis method.

If I want to make the rule more specific, I choose "Specify methods by arguments" and I can add in that list "arg1, arg2, arg3" and then my rule will only match "doThis(arg1, arg2, arg3)".



Radu, I already know option "Methods with any arguments" would make your rule more general. My question is how i can capture the *VALUE* of arguments passed to the methods for which I have rules with "Methods with any arguments".

You would have to create an additional, specific rule for the method definition whose arguments you want capturing.

OK, thanks. Basically we are saying, it's not possible to capture values of arguments of a method for which I have rule with option Method with any arguments, is that correct? I understand I can use class browser or CPU sampling or other ways (e.g. read the code, of course) to identify the arguments. The reason I'm asking about this is, say I have 100 business methods in my java package that I want to instrument, the class names and method names all follow certain name convention therefore I can define them in sensors with reg expressions with just a few rules, but now I can't capture values of their arguments if they have different arguments. I do not want to add these 100 business method 1 by 1 manually, and later if a new business method gets added I have to add the new one to sensor as well.

That is correct.