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can you exclude packages in iOS?

In the Android Auto Instrumentation documentation i see there is an option to customize the instrumentation and exlcude 3rd party packages, classes, or methods. Is this same feature available with iOS? Neither the Auto or Manual instrumentation pages mention this feature that i saw.

Android information below:

Additional customization

Auto-instrumentation instruments all packages by default. To skip third party content, use the DTXExcludePackagesproperty to exclude packages, classes, or methods. For example:,

If you only want to instrument your application package, use the DTXIncludePackages property to select the packages and deactivate DTXIncludeAllPackages. You can't include packages using the DTXIncludePackages property, if they are already excluded by the DTXExcludePackages property.


To refresh the uninstrumented application with the instrumented application on Google Play, you must change the version number. By default, the auto-instrumentator does not change the version code and name. Use the DTXVersionCode and DTXVersionName properties to change these two values. If you have build a new APK file with a new version name and code, then you do not have to change these values, because the auto-instrumentor uses your new version name and code.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Did you look at the DTXExcludedLifecyleClasses key? This allows you to specify classes which will be excluded from lifecycle instrumentation within an iOS app.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

you can exclude Lifecycle or Control Classes from instrumentation:

Lifecycle Classes:


Control Classes: