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cpu measure split


Does Dt no know the agent who delivered the cpu (and other) stats. Is this the reason it is not possible to split the cpu (any) measure to a agent group?

Use case, I have two systems in my profile, a linux and a windows box. I like to split incidents and alerts to different people,

KR Henk



Dynatrace is aware of the agent that the measure is coming from. What CPU metrics are you looking to chart in particular? If it is CPU metrics under the "Host Performance" it is automatically split by Agent Host. If it is under process performance, then you should be ably to split by agent, agent group, or agent host. Let me know what you are trying to do so I can better assist you.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The reason for this is that when the host data (CPU, Mem, Disk) is sent by the agents it is aggregated into an <all_agents> group because in a way it is coming from a host agent and there could be multiple agents on one host. Because of this it is not possible to split by the agent name or agent group.

It still does know where the information came from as you will be able to split by host.

It definitely would be nice to be able to use the agent name and group for a variety of things such as defining incidents for specific agent groups around host health but currently this is not possible. In the global infrastructure area you can define groups and tags for hosts if there is a pattern to your naming but this will only be able to be charted in the infrastructure profile.