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data is not populating for measures


HI All,

For one of the Measure, we are not getting any data.where as same measure working fine QA region.while charting the measure i can see some dashboards are linked with Measure in QA where i am not able to see those in PROD. Please check the screen shots for the same.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Looks like you are dealing with a method measure, can you check that the correct sensor has been placed in production?

can you tell me what sensors i need to verify in PROD?


Hello Shyamala,

If issue is still persist can you follow below to steps to check.

1. Select your system profile --> Diagnose Performance --> Methods

Check whether that associate class & method is been call on you Prod env.

I guess in you case it would be GetAssessments or check with your app developer.

2. If YES then create measure.

Right click on method --> Create Measure... --> Select appropriate Metrics are per request --> click OK --> edit system profile --> measure --> search for created method name --> set threshold as 1 (to capture data) [If you know your application or agent group select under details]

Note: For you QA env it seems you have Selected Measure spilitting as each application checkin that box

3. If NO you are not able to find the your method in Method dashboard. Place sensor to capture data (check with your app developer/ refer you QA env)