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designing a Business transaction to show counts of any given method spliting by agent.



our client ask us for a dashboard that shows, for a given method, all of the agents related directly with it. I know the method dashboard gives this information, but it shows all the agents in one record:

but they want each line showing info for just 1 agent.

I try to create a BT using the method as a filter and splitting by "Agent" the results are not being split.

could you help me here, please?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I'm not sure if this will resolve it but could you go into the details of the measure you are using as your filter and select the option to create a measure for every agent?

I was working on a BT earlier that required this for one of the splittings to work.

HI James,

thanks for the tip. It works, but 1 detail remains:

the agent shown in the BT is the one at the start at the purepath instead the method's agent






what do you think?



It makes sense why it is using that agent, BTs are groups of transactions at the PurePath level and the 'Agent' splitting value is designated based on the entry point for that PurePath. Unfortunately I can't think of any way to base the splitting off of the agent where the method call is picked up - the measure seems to be one such as 'application' that can be used for splitting but not modified in any way.

I'd be interested if someone can think of a way to obtain this functionality, as it definitely seems useful, but right now I think this is just a good option to suggest and idea/RFE in the ideas forum.