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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

discarded purepaths


hello, recently we started to gather %40 percent more PurePaths. And after that point everything went south. It is nearly 3 weeks now and we're missing a lot of purepaths, early discarded or RTA origin.

I'll share some screenshot below. Rightnow only change I applied is adding below line to dtserver.ini


what do you think? what else can I do as it is done nothing much to help.


and the machine is below pictured. it is a dedicated (only DTSERVER and frontend running) physical machine. I think it should handle these numbers without a sweat... what do you think?



screenshots are going back in time starting where everything is normal and then PP count went up and started to discard.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What changed that caused the 40% increase in PurePaths? Was it just an increase in traffic or was some configuration changed that lead to more PurePaths being created?

There's a doc on this page you can check to see if your hardware is appropriate for the traffic that you're capturing. There's more to it than just number of PurePaths. If you have lots of business transactions, custom, sensors, among other configurations those also need to be considered. I've seen cases where lots of unused measures and business transactions were contributing to large amounts of skipped data even though the sizing was 'appropriate' looking at PurePath count alone.



It is more like a utilization problem rather than being a capacity problem. Looks like I have much more free power on my server than I currently utilize... they are just not being utilized. I'm askin some tweak and fine tuning actually.

If you don't get much more feedback I would open a case with support, they would likely be able to provide some assistance around configuration changes if you believe the hardware isn't the issue.