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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

disk with insufficient free space


Hi All,

Can anyone answer,

what can be done for the below alert from Dynatrace self monitoring.

The Host has at least one disk with insufficient free space.
The hard disk health of host 'xxxx' is not ok. The following disks have less than 3% and less than 1 GB usable space left: C:\
Severe Incident started: Host Disk Unhealthy

1.We have to add more disk space.

2. Deleting session storage.

if i delete the session storage for old dates, will it take to any data loss.

When Dynatrace is automatically deleting the session storage for previous dates , will it can be done manually also for getting more disk space.

Is dynatrace storing the deleted files somewhere.

Thank you in advance.


It it best practice to have DT installed on separate disk partition with sufficient space. In your case reduce the default disk space for session in Dynatrace Settings. You can also change the directory (drive).


Hi Rajesh,

Reducing the session storage now may lead to loss of some data ?.

Right now my session storage is using 250GB .


Hello Karthikayani,

The Dynatrace Server has an automatic session store clean up process. If there are issues with it releasing the necessary space, it could be that you have some items that are locked which is preventing them from being deleted.

You can check whether you have any CPU Samples, thread dumps or memory snapshots that are locked to prevent deleting by opening the respective dashlets and checking the column with the padlock. If the locked is gray and open then your resource dumps will be deleted as needed but if they are gold and locked, then I would review them to make sure they are still needed and unlock them otherwise.

I would also check to see how many session captures are saved to the AppMon Server. There is a Session Storage section below the list of all the system profiles on each server instance in the client. This shows all the sessions that have been saved to the DT server for further analysis or for posterity, you can delete the ones that you no longer need to free some additional space.


David Nicholls