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duration in User action purepath is very high Vs Sum of Network and Server contribution


I am using Dynatrace UEM 7.1 and below is the data for few of the user action pure path. This is having Duration value high. This is observed for many pure path. Is the difference of time due to time spent on page rendering?

Is this correct?

Duration = Server Contribution + Network Contribution

I see the above calculation is correct in many purepath.

PurePathDuration [ms]Server Contribution [ms]Network Contribution [ms]
click on "administrative memo"35203299.6823.07
click on "Events" on index.html#29705944.880.00
Loading of Page index.html27292482.88306.92
Loading of Page index.html272359398.420.00
click on "Portfolio"247311437.600.00


Duration means as well time spent in user browser. When you will analyse those action, you will be able to see breakdown with pointed "processing, onload ... etc". Server time + network time are only part of this time. There is only extra factor, browser performance on users device 🙂 As well javascript execution time.



Thanks Sebastian.

I saw breakdown for one of the user action and majority time spent is in Processing -> DOM load time. Based on your inputs I think it's purely the browser which is taking more time to load the page in case where we see duration high with less server and network contribution time.

Any corrections?

Yes, you are correct


Thanks again for your prompt response