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dynaTrace Monitor


Como desactivar URL que genera dynaTrace en los servidores web : /dynaTraceMonitor


What does mean the URL /dynaTraceMonitor ?  Its asociated in all dynaTrace services?


Can we deactivate?? 


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Karla

/dynaTraceMonitor is the URL dynaTrace UEM uses to send back data that we collect in the browser. If you have User Experience Management enabled we inject a JavaScript library into your web pages. This javascript library is called dtagent_xxx.js. This library is then collecting the data in the browser such as page load times, errors on the page, ... - as this data needs to be sent back to your dynaTrace environment we send it back to /dynaTraceMonitor. This URL can however be configured as not all web servers allow HTTP POSTS to this URL. In your System Profile under User Experience you can configure the location of the dynaTrace JavaScript Library as well as the URL for the dynaTrace Monitor Signal. More information on that can be found here: User Experience Management Administration


P.S: I am moving this question to the dynaTrace Forum as you have currently posted this in the general Community Forum