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dynaTrace Web Server Agent - How To Exclude extraneous sites


We recently instrumented an apache web server in the early stages of placing a web site/application under diagnosis (linux) and, to our surprise, it (the apache web server) hosted more sites than the one that we are concerned with. In fact, the web requests to the SUD only account for 14% of the total web request traffic.

We'd like to exclude the data collection into our dynaTrace system for the other sites and would like to know if dynaTrace offers a way to exclude the data on an application by application basis (in addition to the URL by URL basis).

Since the web site that is part of the SUD is hosted by a sister organization, we do not think that we would be able to readjust its apache configuration or routing.

Any assistance would be very helpful with this matter.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi John

The easiest way to accomplish this is by defining those applications you are interested in. In the User Experience Settings in your System Profile you define Application Specific settings for these Apps and turn Capturing on. For the "Default" application you turn capturing off. This means that dynaTrace will only be active for those applications you are really interested in.

Check out the following doc page for Applications. Here are the links on how to configure them System Profile - Applications and how to configure app-specific settings System Profile - User Experience

Here is what I would do

#1: Configure Your Applications based on your URLs

#2: Disable the "Auto-Detect Apps" and remove those auto-detected apps that you do not want to monitor

#3: For your default app disable capturing (via the slider all the way to the left)

#4: for your custom apps turn capturing on (via the slider all the way to the right)

Hope this helps

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


One of my customers is instrumenting a reverse proxy. The customer acts as a service provider and hosts ~800 sites.

Defining each as an application is almost and would be a configuration management nightmare.

If we would be able to load the apache module only for selected virtual hosts, that would allow us to target its roll-out. 

Is this possible at the moment?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Kristof

Apache doesnt allow loading modules for individual virtual hosts - so - that option is off the table.

But - if you have 800 sites and you only want to monitor a handful I wonder why my approach is too much effort? If you - lets say - have 10 apps out of the 800 you want to monitor then create these 10 and turn on capturing for these apps. If you have 400 out of 800 you want to monitor its obviously a different story. In this case I wonder if there is anything unique to the 400 sites that you could put into a single app, e.g: "DO NOT TRACK APP" with several URL Patterns that match those sites that you are not interested in. And then use Auto-Detect to cover those that you want to track

Just some thoughts - hope this helps


Thanks Andi and Kristof,

You definitely gave me the options that I was looking for.  I had considered suggesting that we stand up a dedicated reverse Apache proxy instance just for the web site that we want under diagnosis.

What header does "DO NOT TRACK APP"  need to be set in?



check out the wiki page: - most browsers support it.


Thanks Andi I'm checking it out now