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dynaTrace guys!


How do you monitor this new answer community(Answer Hub) which is just great! Ie. number of visitors, countries of visitors, browsers and platforms are being used, backend\frontend performance etc. What kind of YOUR tools do you use for EUM? I would suggest you to do it by means of new sexy web-dashboards available in ver 6.2.2 and make it publicly available so that everyone can see dynaTrace in action.

Smth like Peter done in this post:

Sounds like an experiment? 😉

PS Keep improving web UI - it's awesome and it's a future.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

If you look into the html source of this platform you will most likely find one very familiar javascript file - called dtagent 🙂 -> it means we are actually using our own Dynatrace UEM to monitor Usage of the Discussion Platform. Just as it should be 🙂


Thanks Andi!

But is it anyhow possible to publish the web dashboard with a real-time data and make it available to community (in read-only mode of course)?

To be more specific, I find interesting BTOO feature released in v6.2.2 and would see it in action.

I agree it would be great to see this in action - BUT - I am not sure if most of our end users that use our community would appreciate if the UEM Data of their visits is publicly accessible 🙂 - > if you want to see 6.2.2 LIVE you have a lot of other options, e.g: you can run our sample app easyTravel that generates a lot of real-life data that you can view in these dashboards. You can also join me in my live Q&A performance clinics where I can show you how it works and looks like - next one is tomorrow:



So, there is no way to hide hide\mask real users IPs and usernames on the Web UI using permissions available out of the box? If so, then there should be a feature request for this - I guess..

PS you know there is a huge difference between playing PC car simulator and driving a real car 😉

🙂 - I like your analogy 🙂

To answer your question: YES - we mask this type of data. Still - its production data that we are most likely not happy to share with everyone out there. I will forward this though to the folks that actually own these systems and see what they have to say about this