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dynatrace Support Appian Engine? And/or In memory database?


Appian is a BPM platform used to build applications and deploy them as services for internal enterprise apps.

The front end is JBoss/apache so we know we can support but the appian engine itself seems to be a JVM that then runs each "app" as a propietary in memory db of sorts... but there is no obvious documentation on their website.

can we monitor in memory database components if we can see the proprietary code? I assume you will want to know language the code is written in, but curious if we have monitored ANY in memory database regardless.

Technology Stack:

  • Full stack Java/J2EE
  • HTML5, CSS3, GWT, Objective-C
  • ElasticSearch
  • Web automation testing frameworks
  • Continuous Integration
  • Proprietary in-memory real-time analytics engine

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Brendan

I tried to find out more about Appian and found this document that describes their architecture:

The paper lists the support platforms for the Application Servers - as you can see - it only talks about Java-based AppServers. Thats why I assume all components are actually Java-based which should be a perfect fit for Dynatrace.



Hi guys,

I'm having the same question/issue as Brendan has. As far as I've read, Appian has Java only in the frontend, but the backend (or engine) si a proprietary server based on C (maybe).

Did anyone instrument Appian Engine with AppMon agent? If so, how's the insight? Did you get relevant data from it?



Sorin Z