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dynatrace managed : Can I enforce to see all classes that are configured in sensor


For reason of rewriting legacy software (where we have lack on documentation) developpers/analyst asked me if Dynatrace can be any help analysing what is executed in different scenarios.
I tried to add some classes in the method sensor rules (controller-classes and service classes) to have a clear view on what the flows in the applications are (part of code is nomore/never used)

We took a scenario where we know the steps that are executed. But when we look at the purepaths in DT, we do not see all the method-calls meeting the method sensor rules.

I remember that one of the guardians I worked with, explained me that if only very small amount of time is spent, some entries will be skipped.

Is there a way to work around this ? How can I enforce seeing every method call meeting the sensor rules.




to add some info :
* working in Java on IBM Websphere
* had a short look to the coding, looks like the methods we are missing are private or protected.
could this have any influance ?


Hello Monique,

Did you try to check the 'Show all nodes' instead of relevant nodes in the PurePath tree?



of course i did. But it is not visile there either


Issue is solved :

* had to set the "visibility" setting of the method sensor rule to "public / default / protected / private".

* also some of the package did not match the starts-with value, so by using a regex, I have now included all services, even if package name does not match standards