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dynatrace web - filter world map based on a Page entry in the "Landing Pages" list



We are using dynatrace APM 6.5 with UEM enabled on a SharePoint environment.

Our management wants to monitor some dashboards performances from users around the world using the dynatrace web portal.

Typically they would have the list of the pages, as the "Landing pages" screen of the dynatrace web portal displays already. But the list would be ideally filtered to display only the dashboards to be monitored.

Then the idea would be to click on one entry in the list those "Landing pages" which would display the world map, but filtered to show only data for the selected page.

Finally, management could zoom in to see how a given dashboard performs in a given country and display the visits and users actions.

Is it possible to do such customization in dynatrace web ?

Thank you very much.




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Yohan

Interesting Request but unfortunately this is currently not possible. The worldmap displays the result of a pre-configured Business Transaction. The only filter you can apply is an Application filter.

This could be a nice extension to the product though as I really like the use case

Do you want to create a Product Idea?