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easy travel demo application - clicking on 'Install system profile' link prompts windowns program to suggest which app to run


I have installed easy travel application in to windows 8 - after I run 'easy travel configuration UI' - I clicked on the Install system profile link - windows prompt me to suggest which apps to run this file.

I am unable to run this dtp file - not able to see - dynatrace server cockpit dashboard - please suggest which is it missing or wrongly configured.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

The .dtp file is a Dynatrace Plugin which in this case contains a System Profile for easyTravel and some dashboards. A .dtp file can be opened by the Dynatrace Client. What you therefore need is Dynatrace also installed on your local machine. Make sure that you have at least launched the Dynatrace Client once so that all file associations are properly registered.

also check out my youtube tutorial on How to use easyTravel:


Hi Usman,

Do you have the Dynatrace Client installed on your machine?

If not, you can download a copy from here:

There is also a free 30 day trial for Dynatrace:




i have opened .dtp file with dynatrace and dynatrace is installed on my system. now i am able to see system profile also, but its asking for agents configurations and i dont see any traffic, can you please help me how to see traffic once i install system profile. Do i need to do agent mapping and configure agents ?

Hello @Sree Adarsha N.

I guess you opened the training mode instead of the "easyTravel Configuration UI". Lunch the "easyTravel Configuration UI" from Windows Start Menu and then import the easyTravel plugin by clicking on the "Install System Profile" link in the easyTravel launcher UI.

Below link is for the easyTravel Training. Mode