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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

empty mysql_query()

Hi all,

Sorry for the bad english...

Today I was on purepath dashboard on an application here and I found a lot of requests where the method mysql_query() gives no argument, unlike some others on the same requests who gives me the query being executed.

This means the mysql_query is sending an empty query to the database?

thanks in advance and sorry for the english...


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Douglas, Your english is fine, no problem.

The SQL text normally gets captured when we can capture it. However there are a few situations where the SQL text does not get captured.

1) The driver is not supported. Is it possible that you are using an uncommon database driver in the application? Is it possibly a different driver between the calls that capture the SQL text and the calls that do not capture the SQL text?

2) Discovery has not been completed by Dynatrace. If this is the first time the application has been injected by Dynatrace, simply restart the application, run the transactions again and the SQL text will be captured. This process is called "Discovery" and for certain classes (JDBC, ADO.NET, others), a second restart is required. This only happens the first time the agent is injected into the application.

3) There is a bug. If the above two explainations do not resolve the issue, it's possible your driver is not working well with our agent. Feel free to open a support case and someone can look into it.

Joe Hoffman