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export only data of filtered system profile


We are actually in initial roll out of app mon on our production landscape. As we run an portal with several applications on several hosts we created one system profile this allows us to get a overview of entire portal. We have several SW partners for application coding. Due to our security policy we cannot allow external SW partner to access dynatrace directly on prd landscape. Therefor our idea is to export session data filtered by application, time period, etc. SW Partner can import this into local client and proceed with SW analyse.

Now we have created a dashboard that is filtered by time period and by single application. Running export all data is available not only filtered. Is there a way to extract and export only data that is available in that dashboard ?

By the way we also checked out if data is sufficient in case we create report, but nevertheless this was not very valuable.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What I would do in this case is apply all of your filters and then open up a dashlet such as PurePaths, visits, or user actions (depending on which makes sense for your case) and the select all of them and right click -> export them as you have done. This should only include the items that match your filter, it might be that exporting from the system profile in the cockpit is only applying the timeframe filter - it might be a good rfe/idea to include some more filter options in that export.



Thanks James - this is exactly what we are looking for. Now we have selected data - can dashboard (I mean tabs with sorting and filtering,...) also be exported?

Dashboards are just xml files, so you can pretty easily save that dashboard locally and send that along to whoever needs to do the analysis along with the session via whatever method you use.


once more - many thanks for that hint.




i want to export all system profile for analysis can you please help me how to do?