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extract performance data from AppMon 6.3 using rest api



I would like to know which rest api URL to use if I need to extract application monitoring and business transaction data from this view.

My goal is I need to extract data using rest api such that in my code I need to pass the application name and time range to retrive all transactions with response time, count and failed%.

Thank you.



Hello Afa,

You can create a dashboard with the dashlets that you would like to be available via your REST connection, then you can use the REST connection to retrieve the information that is displayed on the dashboard.

The syntax would look something like this:


You can also find more details in the documentation here:


David Nicholls

Thank you David. Is their another way of extracting the data directly without creating dashboards. I am interested in the pulling method as I saw there is a streaming option to HTTP server which I am not interested in.

The only thing I can think of is using the REST API to report on incidents if you have them configured on the failures that you might see in the transactions:


David Nicholls

Thanks David. Any idea how can I get the ssl key if I need to do https only. I have a java code that I need to test against the rest api

You would not need the SSL key to allow the REST API work. Once you have a valid login to your DT server and make sure that your server is listening on port 8021 you should be able to utilize the API as normal.