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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

extract webrequest from purepath



I have into a purepath some webrequests to other systems (external Calls). Below an example:

The purepath /webapp/wcs/stores/login does in purepath tree the webrequests:

- /check/auth;

- /decoupling/isenabled.

Which is the correct measure to extract this information from the purepath?

Is it possibile create a BT with this measure ?



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

You could do a PurePath based Business Transaction and split it by the Web Request - URI Pattern Value. Depending on the size of your environment this could give you a lot of splittings though, so you should test it with deactivated Performance Warehouse storage first.

What is the use case for the information? Maybe a PurePath/Webrequest dashlet with drilldowns is enough?

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Hi Patrick,

I would create a business transaction with the following information:

- Total Response Time for a PP;

- Total response time for a single webrequest (this for view the slowly webrequest);

I tried to create e BT:

Filter: WebRequest with my PP;

Result: The sum of the single measure, so i created 1 measure to /check/auth and 1 measure to decoupling/isenabled

Split: URI Pattern value

Unfortunately the response time of the webrequest is the same of the PP.


You need to add a result Measure. Create a new result measure Web Request Response Time for the specific requests you want as a result.

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