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filter for %failed in BT


HI community!,

I have several BT defined as shown in the BT hot spot below:

how can I filter only the ones over some threshold? for example I'd like to see only the ones having over 30% failures. no matter if it's a table or a chart





Hello Patricio,

Each BT when it is created automatically has a Failed Transaction Percentage measure created as well. You can view these measures in the system profile -> measures section. Although I am not sure whether you can create a dashboard that conditionally populates with entries like that if you want to just be notified when one of your BTs exceeds the 30% threshold you can set up an incident and add all the Failed Transaction Percentages as measures in the incident. If each of the measures has an upper threshold of 30% you can have the incident send you an email and this will help you to know which BT and when it exceeded your threshold.

A simpler solution would be to create a chart with all the measures added. Here you could see how their failed percentages trend over time.

I hope that helps,

David Nicholls