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getInputSream() IBM API not instrumented?

I have noticed something in one of our applications that I had not seen prior. In the purepaths for a particular function there is outbound web request calls. Dynatrace captures one call of the getInputStream() as an instrumented sensor , but fails to see the subsequent call. It seems like this method should be seen via a sensor instead of an auto sensor. Ideas on this?


Screen shot showing the getInputStream that is captured and the one that is not captured.

The class/method is / getInputStream() in both cases.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Brad,

I'm pretty sure that the problem here is not that the method call is not instrumented or not shown on the PurePath. the problem is much more likely to be related to PurePath - Auto-Sensor correlation. so what I'm saying is that the method call you see on the Auto-Sensor Node is actually the same as the on instrumented Node.

the correlation of Auto-Sensors to PurePaths is a very complex topic, which might provide wrong results in some specific cases. however, if you create a support ticket then our experts can take a look at it and see what's the problem here.

are you using Dynatrace 6.2?



Thanks - I wanted to post here before opening a support case in case I was overlooking something simple. We're using 6.1 here.

ok, so I think I can remember some improvements in 6.2, so this might be already better with 6.2. however, opening a support ticket makes sense in any case.

could you maybe post a session with this PurePath here?
then I could check the 6.2 behavior.