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getting referers only from visits first webrequest.



one of our customers wants to stream, using a BT, the referer of the first web request of all visits. They want to know from where the visits are accessing their application.

I have an idea, but i like you to confirm, please, is this is the solution or if you have a better approach:

1.- create measure web request header value and select referer

2- create BT using the measure as filter and splitting

3.- configure BT with ocurrence on purepath: entry point

is that ok?

thank you very much



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


If you create a Server-Side BT it means that every Web Request with a referer header will retrieve the referer value.

If you create a Visit-Based BT and a Visit happens to have more than one User Action with Web Requests with referers then you would get multipole of those - BUT - I think that shouldnt happen - especially not if you configure your Web Request Referer Header Measure to exclude referer values from your own Web Application. so - here is what I would do

#1: Create a Visit-based BT

#2: Use a Web Request HTTP Header Measure for your Referer Header and define a not match regex of .*YOURDOMAIN.* -> just use that for the splitting Measure

I think that shoudl do the trick