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hi All,could you please help me...I have installed dynatrace java 6.2 agent in application server(type:weblogic server 9).


The status of the agent is showing Connected but I am not able to see any transaction related data in client either purepaths or webrequest etc...
I have logged in to application server and tried to restart the agent service but I got to know that there is no agent service in application server .
So could you please suggest me what could be the reason behind it and what needs to be done to get data in Dynatrace Client.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

For application agents (Java, .NET etc...) there is no agent service, when you configure the application to use the agent it is injected into the application at startup and is essentially running with the application - so if all is well when the application is up the agent will be connected.

If you look at the agents overview is the status just connected or are there any other messages that stand out? If you could post a screenshot of your agent in the agents overview with as much information as possible (and concealing any confidential data) that would be a good place to start.


Hello James,

thanks for responding...
here are the details of agent overview dashboard:-
connected state-connected(hot sensor placement available),
operating system-windows server R2 service pack,OS Arch-x64,
Technology-Java, agent platform-AppMon,
Tech version-1.5.0-17, version-, Bootstrap version-,
License- Ok,
Event count-15277
Class load count-27280
class load count-28865
Total purepath count-207
Total execution time-7.07
Total CPU-6.38
Total skipped events-0
skipped purepaths -0
average subpath length-0
completed purepath-0
skipped events-0
Note:our Client,server and collector are of 7.0 version and agent is of 6.2 .
I am not getting transaction related data from the configured application URL in the client.

Can you please tell me what does the below screenshot mean...