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how can we capture custom method metrics in test automation


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You just need to create a Method Invocation Measure for that method. So - the best is if you create that sensor. Then verify that it actually captures that method invokation by looking it up in a PurePath. Then you simply right click on that method in the PurePath and select "Create Measure". Select the "Method Invocation" Measure.

The Test Automation Feature allows you to track your custom Method Invocation Measures!

Thanks Andi.It was working.I am having one more question related to Test automation.How can we generate test automation report and comparing with previous build and send an email to appropriate team

The question is what data you want to compare from build to build. You can either create your own dashboards and add things such as Methods, Database, Exception Dashlets on it and then open this dashboard with a source and comparison source where you filter for the different build numbers

what we really had in mind is that you actually pull the test automation data into your Bamboo, Jenkins, Team City and have it all in a consolidated place. You would then also see the difference between each test run as we export all our data on a test run basis - so - you can see what has changed from build - to - build. HEre is a link to the Jenkins Plugin: